Step 1

Download Application

Fill Out the Form

Tell us a little about yourself… your name and where you operate as well as a short bio that we can use about your business.

2022 Membership Fee: $175

Every November we have an Early Bird fee to all existing members in good standing of $150.00

**If you join late in the year the cost will be $150+$14.58 each month(prorated) to the end of the year (Takes you to end of the next year so again you can qualify for the early bird) EX Aug 2020 to Nov 2021 5 months + one year at the discount  $222.90

Not For Profit or Service Club: $125 (First Year)

Step 2

Send us the form

Scan and email or drop it off in person.

If Scanning: Email the completed form to [email protected].

In Person: Drop off at 2 Campbell Drive, Suite 810, Uxbridge ON L9P 0A3 (UPS business hours)

Step 3

Pay for your Membership

We accept payment by cheque, e-transfer or Paypal.


Cheque: Make out to “Uxbridge Chamber of Commerce” and drop off with your membership application

E-Transfer: Use [email protected] for the transfer. Make sure you send a follow-up email with the password.

Paypal: Click here to pay with Paypal

Step 4


You will be welcomed into a group of like-minded business professionals.


Be sure to visit our Events page to see what’s coming up. Sign up for a Chamber Breakfast (last Tuesday of every month) so we can give you a proper welcome… the first one is on us!