1. Fill out the form

Tell us a little about yourself… your name and where you operate as well as a short bio that we can use about your business.

2019 Membership Fee: $175 each November (Early Bird)

+$14.58 each month after November (Takes you to end of following year)

NFP or Service Club: $125 (First Year)

Application Form

2. Send us the form

Scan and email or drop it off in person.

If Scanning: Email the completed form to chamber@uxcc.ca.

In Person: Drop off at 2 Campbell Drive, Suite 810, Uxbridge ON L9P 0A3 (UPS business hours)​​


3. Pay for your Membership

We accept payment by cheque, e-transfer or Paypal.

Cheque: Make out to “Uxbridge Chamber of Commerce” and drop off with your membership application

E-Transfer: Use chamber@uxcc.ca for the transfer. Make sure you send a follow-up email with the password.

Paypal: Click here to pay with Paypal


4. Success!

You will be welcomed into a group of like-minded business professionals.

Be sure to visit our Events page to see what’s coming up. Sign up for a Chamber Breakfast (last Tuesday of every month) so we can give you a proper welcome… the first one is on us!