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More than 50% of all business marketers around the world say that videos are the most powerful tools for promoting your company, products and services. And to get a healthy ROI, you must choose to create the right videos. Here are 6 types you should consider in 2020. They can be posted to both your website and social channels.nnn

  1. About Us/Company Culture Video
    When you add an about us video to your site, your visitors will immediately connect with you on a more personal and human level, which also makes them more likely to return or purchase your product or service.
  2. Testimonial Videos
    People won’t buy these days without a referral or review. Face it, you do it too! Testimonials that are genuine, honest, and sincere will go a long way to increase your business.
  3. Promotional Videos
    Got an event coming up? A new product to showcase? An upcoming sale?nNo better way to invite your audience than with a video.
  4. Explainer/Tutorial Videos
    Humans learn better by watching something getting done than by reading about it. So using explainer/tutorial video content for your business in 2020 is a good choice if you want to boost your business. Keep these videos short and light, and keep your viewers’ attention with on-screen graphics and support images.
  5. FAQ Videos
    The FAQ page on your site is probably one of the most visited.  Adding an FAQ video to your site in addition to the written questions and answers, is another great way for potential customers to get the information they need — and not to mention better results on the search engine page!nnThese are just a couple of examples to inspire you to create videos in 2020.

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