Cat-Tec Inc.

Prepare your business for tomorrow’s challenges with Cat-Tec as your IT guardian. Our trusted technology consultants provide your small to mid-sized business with the comprehensive computer support you need.

Our expertise is in designing, creating, manufacturing and distributing premium quality outdoor lifestyle apparel. Founded in 1983 by the current owner, Ed Hakonson, Choko originally designed high end snowmobile suits and apparel for the developing leisure markets. The line soon grew into providing apparel for the automotive racing scene, manufacturing and distributing high end apparel, under license, to the automotive markets across Canada. Ed still owns, operates and guides the company in its success, and above all, instils passion, belief, and a ‘can – do’ attitude into the team.

On-site CAD based hardware and software designs, On-site CNC milling and hand-finishing in all materials, On-site injection moulding, On-site3-D Scanning and 3D Printing, On-site PCB and electrical design.nnA proven leader in prototype design and construction, Colpitts Design Inc offers viable and cost effective solutions for their prototyping and modelling needs.

Private Ontario cottage rentals have been offered by Cottage Country Travel Services since 1988. Our cottage rental agency currently represents over 240 personally inspected cottage rental properties throughout the Muskoka, Haliburton, Parry Sound and Kawartha regions.



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Curves is a women’s fitness club that boasts 30 minutes to health. Curves uses a hydraulic circuit to encourage weight loss and health in women of all ages. This easy to learn and use circuit works with you at your pace. The hydraulics mean that the machines don’t have to be changed for each person, they only work as hard as you do! Curves coaches are always available to you, for no extra cost! All you need is 30 minutes to improve strength, balance, and flexibility.